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Yalom, Irvin D.: Psychotherapie - Set of 3 Workshops (englisch)
Combination set includes:

1. Group Therapie: A Live Demonstration
2. Irvin Yalom on Psychotherapy and Writing
3. Irvin Yalom: Live Case Consultation

Set of 3 Workshops
102,53 €
Yalom, Irvin D.: Live Case Consultation (englisch)
by Irvin Yalom
Yalom provides consultation to therapists on individual and group therapy cases. See how he translates his existential and interpersonal approach into action in this highly acclaimed video.
Three therapists with varying levels of experience present the following cases to master clinician Irvin Yalom: (...)

45,40 €
Yalom, Irvin D.: Irvin Yalom on Psychotherapy and Writing (englisch)
by Irvin Yalom
We're thrilled to present this in-depth interview with Irvin Yalom, a true master whose influence commands large audiences in both the psychotherapy and literature fields. Here, he offers insight into his evolution as a clinician and writer, along with the guiding principles of his half-century of groundbreaking therapeutic work. (...)

45,40 €
Yalom, Irvin D.: Group Therapy: A Live Demonstration (englisch)
by Molyn Leszcz, Irvin Yalom
In this remarkable demonstration you will witness group therapy and Irvin Yalom's novel The Schopenhauer Cure come alive simultaneously in two unscripted group psychotherapy sessions. The result is a training video that is destined to become a classic for students of group therapy and Yalom fans alike. (...)

59,70 €
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