McGoldrick, Monica: The Legacy of Unresolved Loss: A Family Systems Approach (englisch)
In this realistic simulation of an 18-week course of therapy with the Rogers family, we see how the presenting problem-teenage daughter Michelle's rebellious behavior-masks unresolved loss across three generations of family members. (...)

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McGoldrick, Monica: Harnessing the Power of Genograms in Psychotherapy (englisch)
This is a rare opportunity to watch the therapist who developed and popularized genograms demonstrate how to actually create and utilize them in a therapy session. In this video, you will see Monica McGoldrick in action as she masterfully conducts an initial interview with a new client, demonstrating the step-by-step process of gathering historical information, creating the genogram, and contextualizing the client's presenting problem within a multigenerational family systems framework. (...)

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