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Frances, Allen J.Frances, Allen: Who Is Sick? Who Is Not? (englisch)
Die entscheidende Rolle psychiatrischer Diagnosen und ihre gravierende Mängel

I have reviewed all of the definitions of mental disorder and have written one myself, but can assure you that none of them is very meaningful. The definitions can't do either of the two tasks they are meant to do: 1) determine which syndromes belong in a diagnostic manual; and, 2) which individuals qualify for a diagnosis of mental disorder. 'Mental disorder' and 'Normal' are opposing terms which (like 'Disease' and 'Health') are familiar enough in casual speech, but impossible to define with operational precision. (...)

Vortrag in englisch anlässlich des Symposiums "Die Kraft des Zweifelns", 13. - 15. Oktober 2016 in Heidelberg.
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