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Carolusson, SusannaCarolusson / Phillips / Barabasz etc.: Ego-State (Part I)
Dr. Susanna Carolusson: Men with too much Empathy: An Ego-State Approach
Ph.D. Maggie Phillips:Mending Fences: Repairing Boundaries through Ego State Therapy
Prof. Dr. Arreed F. Barabasz: Efficacy of Ego State Therapy for PTSD
MEd Jenny da Silva: A case study exploring the experiences of educational psychologists utilizing Ego-state therapy to address dissociation in adolescents
Dipl.-Psych. Susanne Leutner: The Healing Bridge: Linking resourceful and traumatic Ego-States
Dr. med. Charlotte Wirl: The Power of Healing Ego States
Panels beim 19. Internationalen Hypnose Kongress vom 17. - 21. Oktober 2012 in Bremen
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