Barber, Joseph: Managing Migraine and Other Headaches

Barber, Joseph: Managing Migraine and Other Headaches

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The disabling pain of migraine headache remains a significant health challenge. For migraine sufferers, both work and family life is rendered unpredictablewaking with a migraine episode may mean that the patient remains bedridden, seeking unconsciousness, for a day or two at a time, only to emerge for a brief reprieve of a few days or weeks, then to be once again plunged into the next wave of pain and debility. Although a majority of migraine patients are able to manage with improved pharmacologic means, a significant number have no effective medical remedy. Hypnotic methods, integrated with psychotherapeutic support for appropriate life change, can be a boon to such patients. While chronic pain patients have features in common with migraine patients, there are features unique to the latter-including the tendency toward overcommitting the migraine patient's time and energy, that require the effective clinician's attention. This presentation reviews clinical vignettes to identify features common to patients who benefit from this psychological treatment, as well as to identify unique qualities of the migraineur that challenge clinical effectiveness.

Joseph Barber: Dr. PhD || Er lehrt an der University of Washington Medical School. Er ist ein preisgekrönter Autor zum Thema Schmerztherapie und ehemaliger Präsident der Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. Clinical Professor, School of Medicine, University of Washington. Associate Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine. Director of Psychological Services, Pain Management Center, UCLA School of Medicine. Private Praxis in Psychologie. Ausbildung: University of Southern California, Ph.D., Psychologie. University of Southern California, MA, Psychologie. San Diego State College, BA, Psychologie.

Vortrag (englisch) bei der 2. Hypnosystemischen Tagung vom 15. - 17. Juni 2012 in Zürich, ca. 60 Min. auf 1 CD oder 1 DVD


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