Rinpoche, Lama Sogyal: Lausanne 2009 - Dying in Peace - Englisch

Rinpoche, Lama Sogyal: Lausanne 2009 - Dying in Peace - Englisch

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Tuesday, 4th August 2009 / Evening

Sogyal Rinpoche is one of the most well-known Buddhist masters of our time. Observing the life of people he is dedicated to transmit the quintessence of the Buddhist teachings adapting them to the modern mentalities, extracting the universal message at the same time preserving its authenticity, pureness and efficiency. He gives rise to a unique style very skilled to put into harmony traditional wisdom and modern life, as is demonstrated in his impressive “The Tibetan book of Living and Dying” which has become a spiritual classic. Translated into 26 languages and distributed in 54 countries this work has been sold more than one and a half million times and it has an amazing resonance amongst a wide public. It has been adopted by institutes and by religious and medical institutions, physicians, nurses and professionals of the health sector inspire themselves on a large scale for their daily practice. Sogyal Rinpoche is making many visits to Europe, United States, Australia and Asia. He often intervenes in international meetings and discussions and gives his teachings to thousand of people who receive his message with entusiasme and have found in him a strong source of inspiration full of strength.

The majority among us would like to die in peace. However, it is clear that we cannot claim a peaceful death if our lives have been infused with agitation, stress, violence or if our minds are often under the influence of emotions such as anger, attachment or fear. Sogyal Rinpoche will explain to us how we can learn to live well if we wish to die well and how to cultivate peace, both in our mind and our way of living, to obtain hope for a peaceful death. The importance to help others with dying well will also be a topic addressed by Rinpoche during this conference.

(Abendvortrag, Lausanne, Dalai Lama, 04./05. August 2009, ca. 120 Minuten auf
2 CDs / 1 DVD)


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