Dierolf, KirstenCauffman, Louis / : The Solution Tango (Workshop)

Cauffman, Louis / Dierolf, Kirsten: The Solution Tango (Workshop)

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Developing a corporate vision as a leader is great but not enough. Implementation in the smallest details is needed for success. Creating a corporate climate that enhances resilience and invites novelty is the challenge for the leader of tomorrow. Sustainability of success demands that you offer your co-workers ways to co-own the organisational solutions. This workshop offers you the Solution Focused Cockpit®: all the instruments that steer your working relationship towards lasting solutions, are turned onto pragmatic tools. You will learn the Solution Tango: 7 steps to build lasting and robust solutions in cooperation with your clients Thus salient solutions to challenges emerge from within and can become imbedded in the network of your company when you co-create your organisation into an intelligent swarm.

(Kongress: Mentales Stärken, Heidelberg, 24. - 28. Oktober 2007, Workshop, englisch, 153 Min., 3 CDs / 1 DVD) oder als Sofortdownload (147 MB audio, 968 MB video)


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