Alman, Brian: Self-Hypnosis for Bouncing Back and Recovering After Mistakes
Workshop anlässlich des Kongresses: "Mentales Stärken" vom 24. - 28. Oktober 2007 in Heidelberg
The teams and individuals who win world championships, gold medals and first place finishes, are not the ones with no mistakes but the ones who are the best at managing their mistakes. For most athletes, either the mistakes manage them or they manage the mistakes. As in all sports trainings and high stress performance situations, practice and perseverance will pay off.
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Alman, Brian: The Voice for real "Wellness": Exact Techniques
Workshop (englisch) beim 19. Internationalen Hypnose Kongress vom 17. - 21. Oktober 2012 in Bremen
ab 18,00 €
Alman, Brian: The Voice (englisch)
First off, what is the Voice? It's been called many things over the ages. My teacher, Dr. Milton Erickson, M.D., called it the "unconscious." (...)

Workshop in englischer Sprache anlässlich der Tagung: "Mentale Stärken 2014" vom 29. Oktober - 02. November 2014 in Heidelberg
12,00 €
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