Ruysschaert, Nicole: From empathy to compassion fatigue
Vortrag anlässlich des Kongresses: "Hypnosis and Neurosciences" - Clinical Implications of the New Mind-Body Paradigms vom 24. - 26. September 2009 in Rome
Statt: 18,14 € 11,79 €
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Ruysschaert, Nicole: “FLOURISH” or the petals of satisfaction in life and wo...
Workshop anlässlich des Kongress: Mentales Stärken - Kongress für Coaching, Mentales Training, Selbsthypnose, Sporthypnose in Heidelberg vom 21. - 24. Oktober 2010
In this workshop we will adopt a positive approach and focus on aspects as flow, utilization of resources, resilience, inspiration, imagination to “flourish” at work and in life.
Statt: 30,48 € ab 19,81 €
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