Schwartz, Richard C.: Working with the Power-Oriented and Care-Taking Parts of Ourselv...
We all have an inner striving for power, an assertive tendency pushing us to think of ourselves first, have others do what we want, and accumulate money and things to feel safe and proud. We also have an inclination to care for others and to try to put their interests ahead of our own, urging us to be collaborative, helpful and well liked. Both impulses are valuable assets when they are balanced. For various reasons, however, one or the other may become extreme and polarize with the other, creating inner battles over how to lead our lives. (...)

Workshop, Mind and Life Europe Conferences with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, 09. - 11. September 2016, Brüssel, Belgien
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Schwartz, Richard: Eine Einführung in das Internale Familiensystem-Modell
Vortrag anlässlich des Symposiums der Milton-Erickson-Gesellschaft: "Viele sind wir - Viele sein las schöpferische Kraft" vom 18. - 20. März 2011 in Heidelberg
This presentation will introduce the principles and methods of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model. IFS is a way to understand and work with individuals, couples and families that helps people quickly find and differentiate their Self-- a core of valuable leadership qualities-- and harmonize their internal family of sub-personalities or " parts." (...)
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